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StarMed Ventumask Basic - For CPAP therapy with Venturi flow driver and adjustable PEEP valve
StarMed Ventumask Basic is a unique design for CPAP therapy that is simply activated by connecting to an
appropriate oxygen supply. It can be used in a hospital environment or pre-hospital use, for example in an ambulance.

Advantages and Technical Features
• Ventumask Basic is a complete and easy to use system, where the oxygen supply tube, a Venturi flow driver and a PEEP valve are integral to the CPAP mask
• The integrated Venturi flow driver is operated by a single oxygen flowmeter to generate high patient flows while consuming a reduced amount of compressed gas
• The built-in adjustable PEEP valve is designed exclusively for Ventumask Basic and the administration to the patient is facilitated at some pre-settings: 5 - 7.5 - 10 - 12.5 cmH2O
• O2% of 40% can be delivered at each PEEP level
• The user is guided by a performance table integral to the product, to be aware of patient flow at each PEEP settings 

Single packed.

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